The S & J Heat Saver Canopy is designed to hold even heat while transparent canopy skirt allows stock to run in and out at will. No more uncomfortable heat lamp "Hot Spots" on the livestock. The flexible, "Open Walls" of the S & J Heat Saver Canopy avoid the dangers of crowding and over heating that exist in rigid, boxed-in stock heaters. The large 14" x 30" area helps prevent piling, which helps eliminate livestock losses.

Young stock need a safe place to keep warm and close to feeding areas. The universal hanging attachments provide many options. With young livestock sheltered by the canopy, open stock areas heat can be turned down to save fuel and provide greater comfort in the maternity area.

Single chain suspension is easy to set at higher levels as stock grow. Chain is included. The S & J Heat Saver Canopy is easy to lift for changing the lamp or checking on livestock. The stainless steel lamp guard swings out for bulb replacement. All major components are designed for years of rust and corrosion free life. The upper portion is made of ABS plastic. The skirted wall is made of tough, flexible polyethylene and is attached to the canopy with plastic rivets. Hanging brackets are poly-plastic fabricated.

Users report cutting heat bulb wattage up to 50% with S & J Heat Saver Canopy. Cutting livestock losses and lowering energy costs quickly pay for the S & J Heat Saver Canopy.

Caution: Do not hang in open pen with sow.

Heat lamp not included.

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