Designed for Hauling

Let our ATV Tuff Tub carry your load. No more tying boxes or milk crates to your ATV racks. Install an ATV Tuff Tub, put your gear in and off you go! The ATV Tuff Tub is designed for durability and usability. Made of high-density polyethylene, the ATV Tuff Tub is durable to endure impacts and is impervious to chemicals. With a UV inhibitor, the ATV Tuff Tub will not fade or get brittle over time.

Designed for Fit

Our ATV Tuff Tub can be mounted on the front or back racks of most ATV makes and models. The ATV Tuff Tub measures; 38 inches wide by 21 inches long and is 6 inches deep. That is two and a half plus square feet of hauling space! The standard color of the ATV Tuff Tub is black. Mounting hardware and instructions are included. The ATV Tuff Tub is designed to be easy to install, easy to use and also easy on the pocketbook!

The answer to ATV hauling problems whether ATV use is for:
Farming     Racing     Construction     Recreation

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Not Intended for Passengers.