Easton Products, Inc. is a family owned business that is committed to personal customer attention and satisfaction. Since the creation of Easton Products in 1977, we strive to retain these core values that are the basic building blocks to a successful product design and implementation.

Easton Products, Inc. started out as a metal fabrication and design service for mainly agricultural based products. Shortly after beginning, it was realized that the use of plastics in the agricultural industry offered many benefits to metal namely increased durability and corrosion resistance. With this realization brought the first vacuum thermoforming processes to Easton Products, Inc. It was not long before the entire production process was geared towards vacuum thermoforming, fabrication and shaping of plastics.

Since these early days, Easton Products has branched out into non-agricultural products and custom vacuum thermoforming. Using the past 24 years of experience in vacuum thermoforming and a continued growth of product application experience, Easton Products, Inc. is ready to partner with you to prototype, design and manufacture plastic components for you. We will not forget where we came from and make it our business to continue that same high level of commitment to quality and service that has brought our business to where it is at today.